Trip Hemingway

For fans of:Boz Skaggs, Marvin Gay, Dave Brubeck, Gospel Music, R&B Soul Music

Trip Hemingway is the name of a project, and not a person. It’s the creation of an amateur audio engineer out of Seattle, WA that grew up working for one of the West Coast’s large regional concert promoters. At the early age of 14, our amateur learned about live sound production working on tour dates for acts like Heart, The Beach Boys, America, The Allman Brothers, and many, many tours from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Based on his love of that era’s music, he produces purposefully retro sounding tracks using an interesting approach. He uses various session artists, most of whom function using reciprocity as a means of exchange. So, when a session artist works on a Trip Hemingway project, they get help from the project in engineering or producing something of theirs in exchange. With some pretty rare exceptions, no money is ever involved, and everyone retains their anonymity. So, you never really know who is playing on Trip Hemingway projects. In many cases they are pretty accomplished local musicians.

Lastly, while the songs are all original compositions, the music itself isn’t ever bought or sold, or even ever streamed for money. It’s largely just for the enjoyment of the contributing artists. So, when you hear a Trip Hemingway song, what you hearing is real music made with no other motivation than the love of community and song.