June Magnolia

Moments In Meditation

Moments In Meditation  by June Magnolia
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For fans of:St. Vincent, Nina Simone, Fiest, Norah Jones, Chopin
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  1. Sweatest Song
  2. Windowsill Mix
  3. Lucky one
  4. Night Muse
  5. Little Man
  6. part your lips
  7. we both know were dying
  8. How Bout You
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Classically trained/professional music teacher/ & at the time of making this album - a newbie singer-songwriter. This is June Magnolias first real push at becoming a solo artist with completely original material. Teaming up with local talent/producer Jacobthewilliam, together they set out to express June's F***K YOU to the formalities of classical music training at the university level. Which, she claims - only stifled her need to independently express herself in her own way. With that in mind, this album metaphorically symbolizes her break away from the ball and chain that have held her back from her own true creative freedom/musical expression. But, also implementing many of these same classical structures and influences. The listener will be taken for a ride... in every sense of the term! Enjoy!


written & performed by June Magnolia

produced by Jacobthewilliam

© 2018 Old Grievance

? 2018 Growing Songs Publishing

For fans of:St. Vincent, Nina Simone, Fiest, Norah Jones, Chopin
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