Warm Ghost

Daytrotter Session - Feb 28, 2012

Feb 28, 2012 Echo Mountain Recording Asheville, NC by Warm Ghost
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Splay of Road
  3. Myths On Rotting Ships
  4. Once More
  5. Inside And Out
Sometimes your body just fritzes out. It does things that you're not used to. It will have its little attacks to the musculature that sprout up out of nowhere and die down on their own, frittering away, back into the tissue, where they came from, here just for the moment. You'll begin to feel the outside of a shoulder muscle start twitching and you'll watch it as it wiggles and constricts, as if it were being operated by someone else, hiding behind a curtain, with puppet strings or a remote control. It's a scary feeling to know that parts of you can just come unhinged like that and they can animate themselves however they feel like animating themselves, until we slap the ardor out of them. It might be at those moments that we realize what we tend to forget most often and that is that we are animals and we're hard to fully comprehend. We might not be animals through and through - because we are mostly domesticated and controlled - but there are parts of us that will always react the way that animals would. The muscle spasms are involuntary, absolutely, but it's a keen reminder that other things are at work in us than just our silly little thoughts and a conscious that thinks that it's running the show. If that tiny muscle that's usually under our mighty control 99-percent of the time can just start exercising its free will, then there's nothing that's all that sacred and we should always beware. Brooklyn band, Warm Ghost, created by Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy, think about the animal qualities in themselves fairly often. There are some glitchy and reoccurring sounds near the end of their song, "Splay of Road," from the band's debut full-length, "Narrows," that make you feel as if your brain is shorting out. It's restarting because it's overheating and it just wants to flip off for a while. There's a palpable mood throughout "Narrows" that reminds me of that urge to just get away from as much as possible. It's like you're walking down the street and you finally realize how damned loud everything is. You realize how much you're hearing and you consider just how disoriented you're feeling right now, listening to it all, having it pin you against the wall. There's a desire to leap over all of the buildings and houses and just make a break for the hills. It's the world surrounding us and it's our voice "speaking from the marrow of our bones." The prevailing sentiment in the Warm Ghost world is that you're barely in control. If you're listening, you can hear that. You can touch it and it will feel like the wild blood that is coursing through these shifty songs.