We Are Creation

For fans of:Ascend The Hill, The Ember Days, Bethel Live, Jesus Culture

David Lim started leading worship at the Anchor Fellowship in 2005. Within a few years he was part of the team pastoring the church, and started writing songs to try and express to God the heart of the church as it was broken and healed by Him. Embodying the vision of the Anchor to approach God honestly and humbly, the songs became part of the core of the Anchor and gave words to unspoken prayers and worship.

When David began leading worship at Cornerstone and touring with bands like The Ember Days and Ascend The Hill, We Are Creation was born. As they led worship around the country, it soon became clear that the songs were not just for the Anchor, but for the Church, who embraced them and made them their own. The heart of We Are Creation is to say to the Church, “Come, you were made for intimacy with the Lord, to love and worship Him. Out of this you will find who you are, who you were created to be.” It’s an offering to the Lord “Here we are, Your Bride, to know You, love You, and worship You.” It is music from the soul to it’s Creator.