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Wild Goose Festival Music Sampler

Wild Goose Festival Music Sampler by Wild Goose Festival
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For fans of:Indigo Girls, Speech from Arrested Development, Phil Madeira, The Lost Dogs, The Violet Burning
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  1. Dave Perkins - To Be Redeemed
  2. David Wimbish and The Collection - Fever
  3. The Lost Dogs - Israelites And Okies
  4. Jennifer Knapp - Letting Go
  5. John Francis - Johnny Cash On The Radio
  6. Aaron Strumpel - Home On Your Heart
  7. The Restoration Project - Hold On To Love
  8. Joy Ike - No Matter What
  9. The Violet Burning - Mon Désir (all I want is you)
  10. Ryan Pickop - Holy Fountain
  11. Christa Wells - Weightless
  12. Songs of Water - Chiaroscuro
  13. Andy Gullahorn - Line In The Sand
  14. Troy Bronsink - Kindle
  15. Suzi Brown - Spring
  16. Micah's Rule - Can You Hear Me?
  17. Beth Whitney - One Man
  18. Kristen Leigh - Sacred Heart
  19. Melissa Greene - Beauty Truth Goodness (Live)
  20. Christy LaFrance - Carry Me Away
  21. Insomniac Folklore - Bodies And Arson
  22. Exouthenemenos - Our Father
  23. Tim Coons - Good Days
  24. David LaMotte - Hope
  25. The Pinkerton Raid - Life Of The Party
  26. Agents of Future - Sewn In My Skin
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This is a collection of music from past and upcoming Wild Goose Festival performers (http://www.wildgoosefestival.org). NOISETRADE USERS GET 20% OFF TICKETS TO WILD GOOSE FESTIVAL 2013 BY USING PROMO CODE "NOISETRADE" ONLINE NOW (http://www.wildgoosefestival.org/tickets). Wild Goose is a four-day festival at the intersection of art, music, spirituality, and justice taking place August 8-11 in Hot Springs, NC (just north of Asheville) and featuring the Indigo Girls, Speech (from Arrested Development), Phil Madeira, Ric Hordinski, Run River North, The Lost Dogs, The Violet Burning, and much more great music (http://wildgoosefestival.org/about/2013festival/music) and many inspiring speakers (http://wildgoosefestival.org/about/2013festival/speakers). The festival is open to everyone; we don’t censor what can be said; we invite respectful — but fearless — conversation and action for the common good. Have something to say or your own music to share? Come perform on our Open Mic stage! “Wild Goose” is a Celtic spirituality metaphor that evokes unpredictability, beauty, and grace. We take inspiration from this concept, as well as many events such as Greenbelt, Burning Man, the Iona Community, and SXSW. WILD GOOSE FESTIVAL 2013 IS HAPPENING SOON & TICKETS ARE LIMITED SO ORDER SOON USING PROMO CODE "NOISETRADE" TO SAVE 20% (http://www.wildgoosefestival.org/tickets). Thanks to these past Wild Goose Festival performers for contributing tracks: Dave Perkins - http://www.listentodaveperkins.com | Jennifer Knapp - http://www.jenniferknapp.com | Aaron Strumpel - http://www.aaronstrumpel.com | The Restoration Project - http://www.therestorationproject.com | Joy Ike - http://www.joyike.com | Songs of Water - http://www.songsofwater.com | Kristen Leigh - http://kristenleighmusic.wix.com/webpage | Agents of Future - http://agentsoffuture.bandcamp.com Thanks to these Wild Goose Festival 2013 performers for contributing tracks: David Wimbish and The Collection - http://thecollectionfamilyband.com | The Lost Dogs - http://www.thelostdogs.com | John Francis - http://www.johnfrancismusic.com | Christa Wells - http://www.christawellsmusic.com | Ryan Pickop - http://ryanpickop.bandcamp.com | Andy Gullahorn - http://www.andygullahorn.com | Troy Bronsink - http://www.troybronsink.com | Suzi Brown - http://www.SuziBrownMusic.com | Micah's Rule - http://www.micahsrule.com | Beth Whitney - http://www.bethwhitneymusic.com | Melissa Greene - http://www.melissagreenemusic.com | Christy LaFrance - http://www.christylafrance.com | David LaMotte - http://www.davidlamotte.com | The Pinkerton Raid - http://www.pinkertonraid.com | Insomniac Folklore - http://www.insomniacfolklore.com | Exouthenemenos - http://morganguyton.wordpress.com | Tim Coons - http://www.timcoons.com | The Violet Burning - http://www.thevioletburning.com
For fans of:Indigo Girls, Speech from Arrested Development, Phil Madeira, The Lost Dogs, The Violet Burning
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