Rio 2016 Unveils 13 Olympics Posters To Represent Brazilian Diversity

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Rio 2016 Unveils 13 Olympics Posters To Represent Brazilian Diversity

While the months leading to the Rio Olympics haven’t exactly been pretty, these 13 new Olympic posters certainly are. Unveiled at a ceremony on Tuesday night, the 13 images were designed by 12 Brazilian artists and one Colombian.

Normally, as the Associated Press (AP) reports, there is only one official poster for each Olympic games. However, according to Carla Camurati, the director of culture for Rio 2016, one artist couldn’t accurately represent the more than 200 million walks of life that call the South American host country home.

“It’s really hard for us in Brazil to choose one artist to represent the Olympic Games, or represent the official posters,” Camurati told the AP. “The important thing for us and the Olympic Games is to show Brazil as it is, with the colors, with the brightness, with the beauty of the mixture of people that we have here; the mixture of roots that we have.”

The poster collection is currently on display at the newly built Museum of Tomorrow in Rio’s newly renovated waterfront area. Next week, they will be moved to Deodoro Olympic Park on July 22 for the games. After those conclude, the posters will hang in various Rio schools.

Each poster can be seen in the accompanying gallery—click through and enjoy. Reproductions can be purchased at the Museum of Tomorrow shop or official Olympic stores in Rio.

The 2016 Rio games begin on Aug. 5.