Ryan Lochte's Robbery Report in Question

Olympics News Ryan Lochte
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The issues with the 2016 Olympics have been relentless: between humanitarian crises, complete economic absurdity and the Zika epidemic, it appears that few things are going quite as planned for this Olympiad. To add to all the mess, there have been multiple reports of athletes and officials being robbed by police impersonators.

American swimmers Ryan Lochte, James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger reported earlier this week that they had been robbed at gunpoint while returning to the Olympic village, and the frustrated masses of Olympic supporters and decriers alike pointed a finger once again at the IOC for so poorly mishandling the games that any athletes would ever come under such danger. But in the following days after the supposed robbery, the validity of the swimmers’ claims came into question.

That questioning has escalated quickly—Brazilian judge Keyla Blanc de Cnop ordered a seizure warrant for the passports of Lochte and Feigen, USA Today reports. However, when authorities went to gather testimonies and collect passports, Lochte had already returned to the U.S. Feigen’s location is currently unknown because of the Olympic Committee’s non-disclosure policies for its athletes’ travel plans.

The warrant was issued under the assertion that there are a number of inconsistencies between the swimmers’ stories about the robbery—the swimmers were intoxicated during the robbery and are not able to corroborate details about the time or location of the robbery. Additionally, according to the New York Times, Blanc de Cnop cites security footage of the swimmers returning to the Olympic village—after the alleged robbery—showing no signs of distress. The same footage shows the swimmers in possession of “high value items” that would have presumably been taken if the robbery happened in accordance with Lochte’s statement.

Investigations about the robbery are ongoing, and officials hope that after further questioning of the individuals involved, answers will swim to the surface.