Reason No. 3,567,934 Why Congressional Democrats are Impotent Spineless Losers

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Reason No. 3,567,934 Why Congressional Democrats are Impotent Spineless Losers

Holy shit, these people are so unbelievably weak and craven and stupid. Look at this Twitter thread, regarding the Senate’s upcoming vote on the AHCA, and the Democrats’ idea of “opposition”:

I can't get too deep into this or my head will actually explode, but there are a couple points I'd like to make.

1. Who fucking cares if the Republicans won't listen? Who cares if it's basically an inevitability that they're going to pass their heinous health care bill that will boot 23 million people off insurance? You still fight! Holy shit, you still fight! You fight because it shows people that you're the damn opposition, and not a bunch of wilting ninnies who prostrate themselves on the floor to kiss the jackboots of the all-powerful Republicans. You tell the world, over and over again, how disgusting this bill is, and you shine every spotlight you have on the citizen-hating scourge that is the Republican party. THIS MATTERS. THIS INFLUENCES ELECTIONS.

2. You're afraid that showing a backbone will “unify” Republicans? THEY ARE ALREADY UNIFIED. It doesn't matter how they hesitate, or what concerns they voice—in the end, they are a vicious pack that will always close ranks when it matters. This is a massive tax cut for the rich, and there is not one single Republican, including Maverick McCain, who is going to stand in its way.

3. All you accomplish by failing to fight them is to normalize this awful piece of legislation. You are missing an enormous opportunity to show the American people the true extent of its grotesquerie. You are sacrificing a huge advantage in 2018, and allowing Republicans to accurately say that “well, the Dems didn't oppose it either!” You are giving average Americans nothing to distinguish you from your political enemies, except for your total lack of courage.

4. How hard is it to see that you need to drag this out, and, as Ezra Levin said, put “as much sunlight” on the AHCA as you can? If your opponents are going to pass legislation that hurts the American people, for God's sake, don't let them do it in the dark!!

5. Stein's last tweet, about “hammering out Russian sanctions,” is the most offensive of the bunch. First off, the fact that any Democrat believes making concessions to Republicans now will lead to concessions from them later…well, that Democrat should be jailed for utter fucking stupidity, because clearly he or she did not watch the ENTIRE OBAMA PRESIDENCY. Republicans give nothing, no matter what, and they laugh with glee at the concept of quid pro quo.

6. Second off, holy shit, the American people do not give two shits about sanctions on Russia. I'm not saying it doesn't need to happen, but all the average person is going to remember at the next election is that he got kicked off health care, or saw his premiums skyrocket, and Democrats didn't lift a finger to stop it. But these absolute idiots in leadership truly believe that it will mitigate the damage somewhat if they can say, “well, yes, but we fought to punish Russia!”

Fuck everything. Can somebody please start a new progressive party so we don't have to deal with these incompetent cowards any longer?

Here are some tweets. I have nothing more to say.

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