This Incredibly Stupid Trump Meme Just Ruined Baby Yoda

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This Incredibly Stupid Trump Meme Just Ruined Baby Yoda

The whole “Baby Yoda” thing was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? We all got to bond over a cute, silly little Star Wars character and just have a nice thing for a little while. Well, not anymore. We’re honestly gutted to inform you that both Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are now ruined. The culprit? America’s least favorite large adult son, Donald Trump Jr., who took to Instagram Tuesday to share one of the most offensively stupid memes we’ve ever seen. Look upon it and despair:

Triggered in 3…2…1

A post shared by Donald Trump Jr.; (@donaldjtrumpjr) on

Doesn’t that just ruin your whole day? Every single part of it is bad: The hideous fusion of Donald Trump and poor, bastardized Baby Yoda; the painfully forced shoehorning of “MAGA” into “The Mandalorian”; the mere suggestion of an equivalence between our vile president and a universally adored pop-culture character; the half-cropped-out @ handle of the bottom-feeding memesmith who squatted to deposit this cursed image on our internet; the leering, simple-minded provocation of Trump Jr.’s caption. Pure trash from top to bottom. We’re dumber for having seen it.

Everything is just so, so stupid. And now we don’t even have Baby Yoda to bring a smile to our faces. Because he is canceled, and you’re not allowed to like him anymore. Blame Trump’s big strong boy. He is the one who did this to us.

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