Chuck Schumer Just Tweeted the Ultimate Capital-D Democrat Tweet

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Chuck Schumer Just Tweeted the Ultimate Capital-D Democrat Tweet

Let me regale you with two stories.

In the first, a billionaire holocaust survivor named George Soros has become a rhetorical target of right-wing hate groups who believe that he pays protestors and wants to flood the west with immigrants. Take a trip to Donald Trump’s Reddit site at any hour of any day if you need proof of this conservative mania. Even Trump got in on the action, albeit cryptically, as you see from these two tweets made on consecutive days last week:

On Monday afternoon, a bomb was found in Geoge Soros’ mailbox in New York. It was discovered by an employee, and safely detonated by bomb squad technicians, but obviously it could have killed him, someone in his family, or someone working for him. This was an assassination attempt, and it was almost certainly fueled by right-wing conspiracy theories.

Story two: Some guys broke an office window in California after hours, when nobody was inside, and made off with some equipment. The office belonged to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, so it may have been politically motivated, or it may have been simple theft.

Do you see any difference between these two stories?

Chuck Schumer, Democratic Senate Minority Leader, did not.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.51.11 PM.png

That’s right: Faced with these two stories, one of which should be incredibly frightening to any powerful Democrat, the leader of the party immediately rushed to play “both sides!” by comparing a murder attempt with an act of vandalism.

If there’s a better example of capital-D Democrats having no idea how to handle extremist right-wing ideology, and playing by an obsolete and totally ineffectual set of rules, this is it. People like Chuck Schumer don’t have your back, and are fully incapable of coping with American under Donald Trump. Here’s a tweet he could have made:

“The assassination attempt against George Soros is the latest alarming example of how toxic right-wing ideology and rhetoric has poisoned this country. On Nov. 6, you need to vote.”

That’s not even controversial! Instead, we got namby-pamby moral relativism from a man who can’t quite grasp the extent of the nightmare he’s facing. It’s hard to see how anything, ever, can change with leaders like this.

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