Watch Dale Hansen Slam the "Hypocrites" Saying Black Athletes Shouldn't Kneel During Anthem

Politics Video Dale Hansen
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Dale Hansen’s Sports Special has been a staple of the Dallas television station WFAA for more than 30 years. Hosted by its sports director Dale Hansen, it boasts a nightly viewership of hundreds of thousands of people.

But this clip is different. It’s gone national. In a clip titled “Hansen Unplugged,” Hansen takes aim at those who criticize black athletes for kneeling during the National Anthem, and he does it very well.

Hansen does an excellent job of skewering Trump and his supporters while remaining eloquent and moral. (He also sneaks in a great little dig at Trump for dodging the draft because his foot hurt.) There’s a tender, emotional quality to the way Hansen speaks—and this isn’t the first time he’s received national attention for his well-spoken take on an issue affecting sports. Here’s Hansen responding to Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL (who was later cut from the team who drafted him) coming out: