With These Hilarious Digital Ads, the Democrats Might Actually Be—GASP!—Getting It

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With These Hilarious Digital Ads, the Democrats Might Actually Be&#8212;GASP!&#8212;<I>Getting It</i>

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has achieved renown in the last couple decades for two accomplishments:

1. Losing lots of elections, which goes against the group’s only mission.

2. Getting hacked by Russians, which also feels off-brand.

The two things are not unrelated, as they both display stunning incompetence and a unique ability to translate their disconnect from the voting public into historic losses. It’s an empire of self-owns.

Okay! Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to praise them: Based on a series of digital ads released Wednesday that are both legitimately funny and pointed, it seems like they may—just may—be learning how to attack Republicans.

Check out this one:

That's really good! It's so good that I'm wondering if “side table” might become the new “99%.”

The second one, on Republican tax cuts, is equally good, although there's some thematic inconsistency in that “Side Table” and “Coat Rack” are now rich guys:

And the third, on how the tax break added to the federal deficit and entailed cuts to important social programs, nails it:

These are all good! More importantly, they get at the heart of what should separate Democrats from Republicans, which is that the former needs to be the part that reduces wealth inequality and makes life a little easier for regular people, while the latter are elitists trying to disguise themselves as populists. More of this, please.