Democratic National Committee Prepares "War Room" to Fight Trump

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Democratic National Committee Prepares "War Room" to Fight Trump

As President-elect Donald Trump and GOP leaders prepare for the new administration, DNC leaders are building a “war room” to fight Trump on a slew of issues.

According to The Washington Post, the DNC’s new communications and research group will look to hit Trump on the conflicts of interest with his businesses while also honing in on alleged Russian hacking to influence the 2016 election.

Donna Brazile, the interim head of the DNC until February chair elections, told The Post in a statement, “Democrats have a lot of work to do in the coming months.”

Aiding in that work will be several former members of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. Clinton rapid-response director Zac Petkanas will direct the war room, Adrienne Watson (a Clinton and Correct the Record spokeswoman) will become the DNC’s national press secretary, and DNC deputy digital director Tessa Simonds will continue her prior work.

While this new structuring could be undone by the incoming DNC chair, Brazile believes that it is important to defend the Obama administration’s success as early and often as possible. She also says that the DNC will work in close contact with any probes of Russian hacking.

In that aforementioned statement to The Post, Brazile said:

The DNC will be leveraging our resources and experienced team to assist with an independent and bipartisan Congressional investigation of Russia’s interference in the election, hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire as he forms his new government, and lead the charge in defending the achievements made under the Obama administration.