New Poll Says Donald Trump Will Be Blamed if a Recession Comes

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New Poll Says Donald Trump Will Be Blamed if a Recession Comes

A new poll says the majority of voters will place the blame on Donald Trump should there be a recession this year, Newsweek reports.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll consists of 2,531 registered voters. It found that 57 percent would blame Trump for a recession, and 62 percent deem a recession likely within the next six months. They see the cause of a possible recession as the trade war with China and the after-affects of federal stimulus from Trump’s first years in office. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has warned of an upcoming recession as well, and says the chaos is created by the Trump administration should they not pass legislation to put the brakes on this inevitable economic crisis.

Trump, per usual, has preemptively placed blame for economic blunders elsewhere. He has stated the Federal Reserve has misjudged the economy and should cut interest rates to support the stock market. Trump claims that the China tariffs aren’t affecting American consumers, but these deflections of responsibility are as outlandish as they are false. Tariffs make virtually everything we buy more expensive, hurting Americans trying to purchase basic household goods.

It is clear that Trump’s approval rating is dwindling as the 2020 election gets closer, and will freefall if its coupled with an economic downturn in the next few months. For Trump voters that are not fazed by ICE raids, his empty words on mass shootings, or just any of the myriad of embarrassments he’s responsible for, perhaps the hit to their pockets might be the personal attack they need to change their votes.

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