Trump's Truck Shenanigans Become a Children's Book, The President And The Big Boy Truck

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Trump's Truck Shenanigans Become a Children's Book, <i>The President And The Big Boy Truck</i>

Last week, as the GOP reeled from their biggest defeat yet as the vote on their proposed health care replacement was delayed because it was an embarrassing disaster for everyone, you may remember a curious story trending on social media: Known big boy Donald Trump pretended to drive a big boy truck in the White House driveway. For reference, see the video below of men in suits laughing and cheering as our Commander-in-Chief joyfully pretended to drive a truck.

While Paul Ryan and company flailed around like one-legged air dancers and a nation watched nervously to find out whether millions would lose health insurance, Donnie honked and tooted and seemed to have a genuinely decent day. Later, he sported an “I <3 Trucks” button, because big boy Don-Don does heart trucks—see the Twitter proof below.

In any case, Buzzfeed’s David Mack has turned Trump’s big day into an actual children’s book—and the kids love it! It’s simple and kid-friendly, and goes something like this: Work is hard. Time for fun. Come outside. Big surprise. It is trucks! Up you go! Big boy truck! Honk the horn. And vroom, vroom, vroom. We see you! Ahhhhh! Fun must end. Back to work. Was it fun? Trump loves trucks.

You can watch a video below of a reading of The President and the Big Boy Truck to a group of kids who also love trucks. Just in case it wasn’t clear, this is a real book, and you can buy the limited-edition here for $9.99. There’s even a free sticker set included for the first 1,000 buyers. We’re just hoping the president’s newfound passion will inspire a career change to something a little more suitable. Why stay in a job you clearly hate when you can live out your dream and drive big trucks full-time?

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