Can We Please End This Stupid Farce Now?

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Can We Please End This Stupid Farce Now?

Look, it’s time for Donald Trump to stop being president. This has gone far enough. The man just:

—Fired James Comey, who

—was investigating his entire administration for ties to Russia, and was canned by Trump at the behest of

—Attorney General Jeff Sessions—who was engulfed in the scandal (and probably the investigation too) and had to recuse himself from actually taking part in it because he failed to disclose his meetings with a Russian ambassador, though he was asked about it directly by Sen. Al Franken during his confirmation hearing—with the rationale that

—Comey mishandled the Clinton email saga and eroded “public trust and confidence”—which is especially comical since Trump praised his “guts” back in October when he re-opened the investigation, and was buddy-buddy with him in the days after his inauguration—a rationale that is further undermined by

—reports that Trump was furious about the Russia investigation for the past week, to the point that he was screaming at his television when negative Russia coverage aired and asking aides why the story wouldn’t go away, and any idiot knows that

—he finally pulled the trigger in a desperate move intended to interfere with said investigation, which had blossomed into an imminent disaster in the wake of Sally Yates’ damaging testimony and the news that federal prosecutors had issued grand jury subpoenas to Flynn associates.

This is so dumb. This is criminal, and conspiratorial, and Nixonian, and it’s not even subtle. It makes the mere fact of being American a total embarrassment. Why are we tolerating this? Why hasn’t Trump resigned? What does it mean for our democracy that our entire Congress, the Supreme Court, the FBI, and 300+ million citizens are impotent in the face of this obvious, buffoonish corruption?

Seriously, answer me this—if Trump doesn’t get ousted now, what happens next? If he skates by on bullshit and lazy obfuscation, if he can fire anyone with any power who has the slightest intention of holding him accountable, what is actually left of America?

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