Donald Trump Jr. Shares Top Gun Video of His Dad Shooting CNN Out of the Sky

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Donald Trump Jr. Shares <i>Top Gun</i> Video of His Dad Shooting CNN Out of the Sky

Just about a week after daddy shared a video of the president essentially body slamming CNN in a doctored WWE video (where have we heard about Republicans body slamming the news before … ?), Donald Trump Jr. tweeted yet another video of his father assaulting CNN. This time, he utilized footage from the classic film Top Gun. This time around—instead of his rancid armpit—Trump does his damage with honest-to-god missiles.

So effective.

So thought-provoking.

So … American politics circa 2017.

Does Trump Jr. think he’s somehow delegitimizing CNN with these videos, or are we at a place politically where sharing a poorly Photoshopped video is just as effective as taking a stance—any stance—on actual political issues? It’s beyond frustrating that the leaders of our countries spend more time scouring the internet for shitty tweets than, say, listening to their intelligence agencies. At least at this rate if Russia does hack us again, there’ll hardly be anything to find or a government to manipulate.