Trump Accidentally Lashes out at His Own Fan on Twitter, Deletes Tweet

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Trump Accidentally Lashes out at His Own Fan on Twitter, Deletes Tweet

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Chances are, you’re reading this on your phone while the responsible people in your extended family are doing the prep work for the big meal tomorrow. You’re probably feeling pretty happy at this point. So instead of telling you about the evil things the Trump administration is doing, we’re going to tell you about a small, stupid thing Donald Trump did on his Twitter account. (If you’re more interested in the horrible stuff, you can always see what Trump said about Roy Moore here and the battle for net neutrality here.)

Early this morning, Twitter users who, for some godforsaken reason, follow our nation’s 45th president, noticed something odd. He had quote-tweeted something from a Trump supporter, but in his caption, he called his own supporter “another Crooked Hillary fan.” Eventually, the quote tweet was deleted and replaced with a direct retweet.

That’s right, Trump apparently didn’t read the tweet closely enough and thought it was calling him ungrateful, because the man has the reading comprehension level of a grade schooler. Only once he realized the tweet was actually criticizing LaVar Ball, not him, did he change to a retweet.

Now, we know that there are several different people with access to Trump’s Twitter account, so there’s a question that should be answered: Do you think it was actually Trump that noticed the true intent of the tweet? We believe it was Trump that did the original quote tweet, but we’re not sold on the change. We bet it was part of his social media team that deleted the quote tweet and switched to a retweet—Trump isn’t smart enough to do that.

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