Human Troll Donald Trump Releases Anti-Hillary Ad Feat. Bill Cosby, Anthony Weiner

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Here’s what happens when you challenge Donald Trump on women’s rights: You get a vicious 15-second attack thrown in your face, and while that ad may not exactly make sense, it will have some scorching-hot implications that will carry the intoxicating aroma of red meat for his supporters.

Hillary Clinton understands that lesson now. After she “played the woman card” on Trump (his words), he swung back hard, posting a video on Instragram today with the caption “Hillary and her friends!”

The video contains a series of images conflating Hillary with men that have transgressed sexually, including Bill Clinton (pictured with Monica Lewinsky), Anthony Weiner (infamous sexter and husband to top Clinton advisor Huma Abedin), and Bill Cosby (who once apparently stood next to Hillary near a podium). All the while, a Clinton stump speech on women’s rights plays in the background, and the whole thing concludes with a sarcastic message: “True defender of women’s rights.”

This is about as dirty as dirty politics get, but it’s also not unexpected—this is Trump we’re talking about. Cue the clueless conservatives believing every absurd claim he makes, and cue also the clueless liberals believing that this is the thing that will, at long last, spell the end for The Donald.

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