Oops: Trump Accidentally Endorsed Democratic Senator Jon Tester

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Oops: Trump Accidentally Endorsed Democratic Senator Jon Tester

At Thursday night’s Trump rally in Missoula, Mont., the president endorsed Jon Tester, who’s served as Senator of Montana since 2006. Which is all good, except … Tester is a Democrat. The rally was meant to continue pushing for support of Tester’s opponent, Matt Rosendale, as well as Greg Gianforte. It’s also the same rally where Trump praised Gianforte for body-slamming a reporter.

The Missoulian reports that Trump claimed his mission was to “punish” Tester for throwing a wrench into his plans to lead the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Nonetheless, Trump urged his supporters to vote for Tester this November, saying: “I have to say a vote for Tester is a vote that really is going to count. It’s going to count for you. He’s replacing far left with common sense,” per NBC. Watch the crowd’s confused silence:

According to his website, Tester: is an advocate for women’s rights, including abortion; believes in healthcare at an affordable rate for all; and has made a point to be totally transparent in his governance. He was the first senator to actually make his schedule public. Tester’s most recent accomplishment is a win for veterans, a group for whom he lobbies hard. His most recent bill makes it easier for veterans to access healthcare from a private doctor.

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