Trump Didn't Like Some Recent Presidential Polls, so He Fired the Pollsters

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Trump Didn't Like Some Recent Presidential Polls, so He Fired the Pollsters

He’s done it again, folks. Staying true to his flawless (please note the sarcasm) campaign strategy, President Trump has fired several pollsters after receiving unflattering poll results, according to The Independent.

The polls all gave Trump a negative rating and projected he would lose to his Democratic rivals in multiple key states in 2020. Similarly, Trump’s most favorable media network, Fox News, finds the president trailing Joe Biden by 10 points and Bernie Sanders by nine, and also projects him to lose to Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.

In typical Trump fashion, the babbling orange man deemed the media corrupt and even went as far to say that the New York Times, who went into detail on the polling results, had committed “a virtual act of treason.” How charming.

The firing of multiple pollsters is due to the 17-state internal poll done just a week or so ago. The not-so-positive results fueled Trump’s plan to hide all of the negative poll results and just lie his way back into office.

According to CNN, a person close to today’s firings said the purge of pollsters had more to do with them not meeting the president’s demands, rather than the accuracy of the polls, while another person said the firings were because of the result leaks. Maybe Trump just wanted to relive his glory days on The Apprentice and yell “you’re fired” at someone again?

Nonetheless, the polls definitely seem to have the president shaking in his re-election boots and it wouldn’t be surprising if he takes to Twitter to refute them even further. Oh, wait, he already has.

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