Signs of Hope and Laughter - 40 Images from From the Historic Women's March and Inauguration Weekend

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Signs of Hope and Laughter - 40 Images from From the Historic Women's March and Inauguration Weekend

Friday brought the day so many of us have dreaded for the past ten weeks, as Donald J. Trump became our 45th president.

Sorry, I still can’t stop myself from convulsing uncontrollably every time I type or utter that 100% factual phrase. That said, all hope is not lost, as many millions of us demonstrated over the weekend. Here is a very small sampling of the pushback to America’s least popular incoming president in modern history.

1. Science Is on Our Side.

2. Being an Introvert, I Can Confirm This.

3. Stay Weird, Denver.

4. This.

5. We've Got Supergirl Too.

6. *Sniffles*

7. Kendrick Lamar and Punching Nazis Go Well Together.


Michelle Obama's wearing the weight of the world on her face in the foreground, and Hillary is replaying a metaphor for the entire election behind her. C'mon man.

9. Donald Blart: Mall President

10. W. Is Back! Kind Of.

11. At Least We Got an Actual Dubya Moment out of the Inauguration


12. Hillary Has Never Been Great at Optics.

13. This Is My Favorite Protest Sign from the Weekend.

14. Even the Ducklings in Boston Common Joined the March.

15. Good Sign to Bring to the Women's March; GREAT Sign to Bring to the Inauguration.

16. What We All Aspire to One Day.

17. Punching Nazis in the Face on Twitter Is Indisputably OK.

18. The Force Is Strong with Paste's Editor-In-Chief.

19. Need More Signs.

20. Alaska's on Board.

21. Laughing/Crying Emoji

22. We Have Dogs on Our Side. Dogs!

23. We Even Got a Lolz in on Wannabe British Trump.

24. Dogs!

25. Indeed.

26. Perfect.

27. I'm Not Crying You're Crying.

28. This Was Basically Sean Spicer's Saturday Night.

29. The Dallas Stars Took Roughly .00003 Seconds to Troll Him Soon After.

30. Jake Tapper Is Seriously Getting Sick of This Shit.

31. Actually, Jake Tapper Is Already Sick of This Shit.

32. Yes. Yes It Is.

33. To Those Who Think It Can't Happen Again: We're Not That Old.

34. Alliteration Is Awesome.

35. Rocky Is Big in Boston Too.

36. Beyonce's next Single.

37. My New Hero.

38. How to Delegitimize a President.

39. The Brits Brought Their Own Form of Protest to the Proceedings.

40. This. Is. Awesome.

The next big protest is planned for Saturday, April 15th, to pressure President Trump to release his tax returns. You can begin to plan or find local groups through many different networks that will hopefully begin to coordinate on a larger scale. Action Groups is one example of how easy it is to organize a protest. Stay connected, folks. The resistance is alive and well.

Jacob Weindling is Paste’s business and media editor, as well as a staff writer for politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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