Trump Addresses Mueller Testimony in Unsurprising Twitter Rant

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Trump Addresses Mueller Testimony in Unsurprising Twitter Rant

What would special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House be without an accompanying tweetstorm from Trump?

Mueller was appointed to lead the investigation into the Trump campaign concerning Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. In the investigation, Mueller claimed to find no evidence that would exonerate Trump from any wrongdoing, nor evidence of criminal activity.

While Mueller prepared to appear before the House Wednesday morning, Trump woke up bright and early to air his grievances on Twitter about “The Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. history, by far!”

Some of his rant concerned the participation of Mueller top lieutenant Adam Zebley, whose last-minute inclusion sent Trump into a tizzy (out of fear, perhaps):

Trump continued his display on Twitter, lamenting about how he is the true victim in this case, and calling the accusations against him “treasonous”:

Then he brought Hillary Clinton and James Comey into the mix, for some reason.

And even suggested that Mueller should have investigated … himself? (Insert Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man.)

Finally, the very familiar icing on the cake:

(Insert chef’s kiss.)

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