Trump Appears to Confirm That He's Being Personally Investigated

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Trump Appears to Confirm That He's Being Personally Investigated

Given that every morning brings with it some new Trump scandal, one could be excused for not realizing that Trump has yet to be actively investigated. All previous investigations have mostly been about Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, and, as James Comey confirmed, Trump was never personally under investigation.

Well, until now. WaPo recently reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is now actively investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, specifically regarding Trump’s firing of then-FBI director James Comey. Mueller was reportedly seeking interviews with three Trump administration officials who weren’t involved in the president’s campaign, implying the investigation has expanded beyond the election itself.

Today, in another series of furious tweets, it seems Trump has inadvertently confirmed this news. Naturally, he condemns it as a “witch hunt.”

This is an important refocusing of investigations. If Trump is found guilty of obstruction of justice, that would likely be grounds for impeachment.

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