Primary Cheater Donna Brazile Among Those Nominated by Tom Perez to Become DNC Delegates

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Primary Cheater Donna Brazile Among Those Nominated by Tom Perez to Become DNC Delegates

DNC Chairman Tom Perez released the list of his 75 nominees to join the Democratic National Committee yesterday, and you might recognize one or two of the names on it.

The Hill,, reporting on the list, noted the emphasis on diversity, citing the inclusion of several women of color, a woman protected under DACA and a transgender woman. The list would also double the number of Native Americans in the DNC. To others, however, one name stuck out:

Donna Brazile is a lifetime Democrat, serving on the campaigns of numerous failed presidential candidates. She was also the interim chair of the DNC—the predecessor to Perez himself.

She also worked for CNN in 2016, which is when she forwarded town hall questions to the Clinton campaign ahead of time. Brazile would justify this in a later essay for Time by saying “My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen. But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.” You’ll notice that she does not say she regrets informing the Clinton campaign, merely that she regrets doing so in a traceable medium.

Finally, Brazile was also one of the campaign geniuses responsible for Clinton not campaigning hard enough in places like Michigan—she preferred instead to drive up the vote in inner-city locations like New Orleans and Chicago. Why? Because she thought it would be embarrassing if Clinton won the electoral college (which she thought was a given) but lost the popular vote.

CNN (CNN!) had the brains to distance themselves from Brazile. You can read more about why the Democrats should have done the same here, and you can read the full list of nominees below.


Jan Bauer, IA
Artie Blanco, NV
Donna Brazile, DC
Roxanne Brown, MD
Calla Brown, MD
Laphonza Butler, CA
Maria Cardona, DC
Leah Daughtry, NY
Joanne Dowdell, NH
Maria Eschaveste, CA
Lily Eskeleson Garcia, UT
Cindy Estrada, MI
Isabell Framer, OH
Lorna Johnson, CA
Paulette Jordan, ID
Elaine Kamarck, MA
Claire Lucas, DC
Juanita Luiz, WA
Jen McClellan, VA
Lorraine Miller, TX
Minyon Moore, DC
Margarita Nolasco, PR
Carol Pensky, MD
Ellie Perez, AZ
Ai-Jen Poo, NY
Carrie Pugh, DC
Marisa Richmond, TN
Emmy Ruiz, TX
Symone Sanders, DC
Lottie Shackelford, AR
Becky Strezchowski, IL
Jere Talley, TX
Amy Wakeland, CA
Jeion Ward, VA
Randi Weingarten, NY
Alexis Wiley, MI
Roz Wyman, CA


Yohannes Abraham, VA
Cristobal Alex, TX
Jeff Berman, DC
James Boland, DC
Tony Coelho, DE
Larry Cohen, DC
David Cox, NC
Fransico Domenech, PR
Keith Ellison, MN
Hector Figueroa, NY
Don Fowler, SC
Earl Fowlkes, DC
Tefere Gebre, CA
Daniel Halpern, GA
Keith Harper, DC
Jaime Harrison, SC
Harold Ickes, DC
Jay Jacobs, NY
Charlie King, NY
Andres Lopez, PR
Chris Lowe, NY
Chris Lu, VA
Kerman Maddox, CA
Leopoldo Martinez, VA
Robert Martinez, MD
Mahlon Mitchell, WI
Michael Nutter, PA
Manuel Ortiz, PR
Marc Perrone, MD
Hasmit Popat, TX
Rion Ramirez, CA
Ken Rigmaiden, MD
James Roosevelt, Jr., MA
Lee Saunders, DC
Craig Smith, FL
Rick Wade, DC
Brian Wahby, MO
James Zogby, DC