Is Elon Musk Okay?

The CEO reportedly head-butted a car at the Tesla factory this spring

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Is Elon Musk Okay?

Elon Musk’s very public wild ride continues with the news Friday that the billionaire tech-CEO repeatedly headbutted a Tesla model that was on the assembly line during a spring factory visit.

The report, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, details a tour Musk took of the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif. When the assembly line was halted due to automatic safety sensors detecting someone in the way, Musk reportedly began head-butting the front of one of the cars on the line, saying, “I don’t see how this could hurt me.”

According to the WSJ’s report, “when a senior engineering manager involved with the system explained that it was a safety measure, Mr. Musk told him, ‘Get out!’ Tesla said the manager was fired for other reasons.” Huh.

The news is the latest in a recent media circus surrounding the cult of Musk, including a Twitter/text spat with rapper Azealia Banks and an alleged SEC investigation into fraud. Other attractions in Musk’s ridiculous publicity sideshow include calling one of the Thai cave rescue divers a “pedophile” on Twitter, as well as tweeting about the Tesla factories unionizing being investigated for breaking U.S. labor laws.

Musk seems to be following the “tweet loudly and carry a big victim complex” philosophy of a certain sitting U.S. president, a trend which reportedly has the board members of Tesla worried. Because while the president might be able to lob half-baked insults over the Internet without repercussions, a tech company has standards, damn it, and they’re going to uphold them.