Watch: A Fox News Anchor Actually Lambastes Trump

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The list of people that still support Trump dwindles further still. As Trump’s approval rating slides into the high 30s, even his most stalwart defenders appear to be turning on him.

In a surprise “Common Sense” segment yesterday, long-time conservative pundit Neil Cavuto dedicated an entire segment to calling Trump out on what a poor job he’s doing. Cavuto points out Trump’s scapegoating, endless tweeting and for alienating members of his own party and staff. Cavuto went on to claim that nobody is hurting Trump more than Trump himself. “They’re not the problem, Mr. President,” Cavuto said. “Like I said, these days, you are.”

It’s a somewhat surprising segment for Fox News to air, given how supportive they’ve tried to be of president Trump throughout all of his myriad scandals and controversies. But after this week’s attacks on the London mayor and further accusations of “fake news” being chucked at mainstream media, it seems that some sections of Fox are growing tired of the petulant manchild.

For his part, Cavuto calls upon Trump to listen to his allies and utilize the support systems he has in place, rather than wasting time getting mad and settling scores. Cavuto clearly wants Trump to spend more time on agenda and policy than getting into mud-slinging contests with anybody and everybody. It’s a high-minded and reasonable approach that—if adopted—would likely end up being good for the country. We need an actual president, not a WWE caricature.

Of course, on the other end of Fox News, Donald Trump’s son told Sean Hannity that Trump detractors aren’t even people. So it’s not a company-wide shift as yet.

Check out the clip above, and pray Trump actually listens.

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