Official Minnesota GOP Meme Calls Keith Ellison a "Muslim Goat Humper"

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Official Minnesota GOP Meme Calls Keith Ellison a "Muslim Goat Humper"

So … um … on Monday, the official Facebook page for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Republicans had a post referring to Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison as a “Muslim goat humper.”


That’s … wildly racist, and Minnesota’s recently elected Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan wasted no time in labelling it as such. Per City Pages, Carnahan specifically said it was “repugnant hate speech” and whoever in the party published it should immediately resign, which (according to her) they did: The poster “has been identified … and they no longer represent our party. They resigned immediately,” she told Minneapolis’ Star Tribune. “As chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota I absolutely would like to issue an apology to Congressman Ellison.”

The meme in question is, of course, attacking Ellison (who is Muslim) but also Rep. Collin Peterson, who recently went turkey hunting with Rep. Ellison. Peterson’s seat is being challenged by Rep. Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg) who says that the GOP is “in a war” with the other side for that seat.

Just to double down on the racism, the official page also went on to say in their since-deleted post that Ellison was a “raving, Louis Farrakhan supporting, anti-Semite, anti-white, racist and fascist American,” and that they were incensed that Rep. Collin Peterson would take such a “lunatic” turkey hunting. While in school, Ellison wrote columns defending the controversial Nation of Islam leader and has periodically taken heat for it ever since.

A post on the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party’s Facebook page reads, “The CD7 Executive Board deeply regrets an earlier post regarding Congressman Keith Ellison. The individual responsible has had all posting privileges revoked and has resigned effective immediately.”

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