Concussion Doctor (Yes, the One Played By Will Smith) Thinks Clinton Was Poisoned by Trump And/Or Putin

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Bennet Omalu, most famous for his work on the brains of former NFL players which conclusively connected playing professional football to brain damage—and for being portrayed by Will Smith in the film Concussion—has decided to jump into political waters. The Nigerian-born forensic pathologist, confronted with the news that Clinton had come down with pneumonia, had a tip for the presidential hopeful:

After a stream of intense reaction to the tweet, Omalu doubled down:

Now, this is kind of a crazy thing to say based on literally no evidence, even if Putin has been accused of poisoning before, and Trump is…well, he’s Trump. It’s an enormous leap, which makes it surprising that the story has now been covered by the Washington Post in a tone that wasn’t exactly un-credulous. For an outlet that routinely takes Hillary health conspiracy theorists to task, it’s a bit of a strange move. Maybe—I have no proof of this, but maybe—they were poisoned.

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