Sad, Desperate RNC Pays Actual Money to Have a "Lyin' Lion" Mascot to Follow James Comey On His Book Tour

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Sad, Desperate RNC Pays Actual Money to Have a "Lyin' Lion" Mascot to Follow James Comey On His Book Tour

I don’t know that I’ve typed out a more depressing, pathetic headline in my entire life. But here we are: The Republican National Committee has seen fit to hire a lion mascot named “Lyin’ Lion Comey” to follow former FBI director James Comey around on his current book tour. The book, of course, paints President Trump as an immoral narcissist and liar, which…is true.

Look at this act of desperate madness:

This is the kind of thing that should be done by a deranged private citizen who thinks Jade Helm is imminent, not an actual political organization. And the crazy thing is, they're doubling down! They're embracing it!

The Hill confirmed via email that the story is true, and added this:

The mascot plan is the latest in an effort by the Republican Party to discredit the former FBI director, who embarked this week on a media blitz following the release of his memoir, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.”...

Ahead of the book’s release on Tuesday, the RNC launched a website,, which seeks to portray the former FBI director as a dishonest political operative seeking to undermine Trump’s presidency.

The website is one thing, but a mascot? That’s frankly embarrassing. That’s Charlie Kirk wearing diapers. Also, if you want to associate Comey with an animal, why would you pick the king of the jungle? Just for an expedient rhyme? Why not the weasel?

Or why not—wait for it—nothing at all? Why engage in this weird Trumpian infantilizing game? Is it because you literally have nothing to offer the average American than a stupid mascot? Is it because your party exists as the political wing of the very rich, and in the absence of any moral backbone you’re reduced to hollow spectacle?

Oh. Well, in that case…carry on with your sad cosplay.

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