Here's Joe Biden's Favorite Obama/Biden Meme

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Here's Joe Biden's Favorite Obama/Biden Meme

One of the inarguably great parting shots from President Barack Obama’s administration was the deluge of Joe Biden memes after the 2016 election that highlighted his bromance with the former-Vice President, a relationship so intense that some called them “Jobama.”

The memes had Biden suggesting all sorts of delightfully bad ideas to the exiting president, including the construction of Home Alone-style booby traps in which to ensnare Donald Trump and leaving behind fake birth certificates. At times, the Biden of these memes was convinced that both Santa Claus and Harry Potter are alive and well.

And after months of these goofy tributes to “Jobama,” former-Vice President Biden has finally seen some of social media’s best work. Biden’s daughter Ashley recently sat down with Moneyish and revealed that not only has her father seen the memes, but he has a favorite. Apparently Diamond Joe is particularly fond of one where he and Obama share a tender embrace while their wives are busy chatting with each other.

That one certainly is pretty damn good, but there are so many funny ones that it's worth sharing just a few more. Enjoy.

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