Bad News For People Who Love War: Trump Just Canned John Bolton

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Bad News For People Who Love War: Trump Just Canned John Bolton

In one of the rare instances when it feels okay to laugh at Trump’s bizarre manner of conducting presidential diplomacy—rather than shudder in fear—he just told us on Twitter that John Bolton “resigned,” while also telling us that he fired him:

There are a million caveats and feelings of intense guilt that come with praising Trump for any reason, but folks, this is unequivocally a Very Good Thing. Bolton, for those who don’t know, is a frothing war maniac disguised as a human being, to the extent that when he joined the administration last year, Jake Weindling’s definitive piece was titled “Prepare for War, America – John Bolton Is Here.” In the last year and a half, that prophecy proved true at least in theory, as Bolton antagonized for war in Syria, war in Venezuela, war in Iran, and war in North Korea. Most recently, he fought Trump on negotiating with the Taliban, which of course Bolton hated, and it seems as though it was Trump himself, with the possible help of Mike Pompeo, who kept us out of war despite Bolton’s urging…which, if true, represents one of his few good instincts, and is a rare case of keeping a campaign promise.

It’s likely that this latest incident of undermining Trump somewhat publicly was the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to Bolton’s ouster. Regardless of how it happened, the world is a safer and better place today now that America’s foremost warhawk has been booted from the halls of power.

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