Dennis Rodman Gifted Kim Jong Un The Art of the Deal on Latest North Korea Trip

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Dennis Rodman Gifted Kim Jong Un <i>The Art of the Deal</i> on Latest North Korea Trip

Dennis Rodman, who has gotten a reputation for being weird as fuck, continues to be weird as fuck. On his fifth and most recent trip to North Korea, Rodman gifted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with The Art of the Deal, which we’ll say is Trump’s book (though it’s really more his ghostwriter’s book, isn’t it?).

The Art of the Deal wasn’t the only thing Rodman blessed North Korean officials with; he also included Where’s Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection (another iconic American novel), two sets of soap, a mermaid puzzle and two autographed jerseys, per WaPo. We imagine Rodman unveiling the gifts was essentially like Dora the Explorer revealing the contents of her backpack, only if she had an affinity for fascism, basketball and dollar-store items.

Rodman didn’t get the opportunity to give Un the book face-to-face; he gifted the book, along with the other items, to North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il Guk with the intention of them getting to Un. We can’t say for sure what Kim Il is getting Kim Jong for Christmas this year, but it’s probably going to be a re-gift of everything Dennis Rodman gave him yesterday.