Mike Pence Stands By His Man, Even Behind Closed Doors

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Mike Pence Stands By His Man, Even Behind Closed Doors

Mike Pence likes President Trump even when no one is looking, according to a report from The Atlantic.

The report speaks to how the president’s aides, including policy adviser Stephen Miller and counselor Kellyanne Conway, are surviving Trump’s administration, while revealing that Pence is thriving simply from being around the guy.

Reagan administration official Kenneth Adelman told The Atlantic, “I’d like my wife to look at me just for one day the way Mike Pence looks at President Trump every day they’re together. That would be special.”

The report reveals that Pence’s public declarations of the admiration he holds for his president continues beyond the podium: “Behind closed doors [Pence] is no less gushing, taking pains to ensure that Trump has no cause to turn on him.”

Unfortunately for Pence, his complicated, fear-based relationship with his presidential BFF may be a one-sided affair.

There is a White House tradition in which the commander-in-chief and veep share lunch together without aides present in an effort to build trust and establish a closed line of communication. According to The Atlantic, however:

Trump ditched that tradition. Instead he has invited to the lunches both his and Pence’s top aides. At the meals in the small dining room off the Oval Office, Trump keeps a big-screen TV tuned to cable news. Aides who have walked in have seen Trump yelling at the TV as he sits with Pence and their deputies over plates of chicken and cheeseburgers.

Hey, we’ve all been there before, Pence.

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