Mike Pence Is Upset Because Known Politician Barack Obama Has "Become So Political"

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Mike Pence Is Upset Because Known Politician Barack Obama Has "Become So Political"

Over the past few days, former President Barack Obama has come back into the political field to rally the troops. It started a few months ago when he endorsed 81 office-seekers on various levels, and has grown into appearances across the States including the University of Illinois, Anaheim, Calif., and soon, Ohio, according to The Hill. Obama has spent his time both warning the public about the state of the White House and empowering voters to make change in the midterms.

Vice President Mike Pence isn’t happy about it, according to an interview with Fox and Friends in which he said, “It was very disappointing to see President Obama break with the tradition of former presidents, and become so political … ”

According to Pence, the American people decided to move away from Obama’s policies when Trump was elected—as usual, Pence wants to ignore the half of the population who didn’t vote for him. Obama’s resurgence only serves as a reminder for Pence of how truly close that election was. With midterms coming up, Pence is likely feeling threatened by the former president’s return. No one has to photoshop any pictures to illustrate how many voters still respect and will show up for Obama.

Pence and Trump want to continue to pretend that their opposition is irrelevant, but it doesn’t look like Obama is going to let that happen.

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