*Deep, Weary Sigh* Is the Pee Tape Real...Again?

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*Deep, Weary Sigh* Is the Pee Tape Real...Again?

Folks, I regret to inform you that we’re about to be talking about the godforsaken pee tape again. From a footnote on page 27 of the Mueller Report:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 12.40.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 12.42.04 PM.png

If you don’t know about the pee tape, our own Roger Sollenberger has written about it twice, once to posit that it is, in fact, real, and once to point out how Trump Jr. might have blown the case wide open. Now, for the first time, we’re hearing that a Russian contact of Michael Cohen’s actually texted him about stopping “the flow” (pun intended?) of compromising tapes stemming from the 2013 Miss Universe trip. All this after it had been widely accepted that the whole institution of the pee tape had collapsed.

Yet again, this is not definitive evidence, but it does ensure that we’re never, never going stop talking about the pee tape…which is probably what we deserve in the political hellscape that is 2019.