Trump on Congress’ Demand for Mueller Report: “It Won’t Happen!”

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Trump on Congress’ Demand for Mueller Report: “It Won’t Happen!”

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) will ask his team to vote on a resolution to issue subpoenas for the release of the full Mueller report just hours before the disclosure deadline set by Congress. In classic Trumpian fashion, the president has taken to Twitter to air out his frustrations, as The Independent points out.

“It won’t happen!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. “It” refers to the release of the Mueller report in its entirety, and not the summarized glimpse Attorney General William Barr has thus far allowed.

One possible concern for the president is that a more thorough probe of the Mueller report could potentially reveal grounds for impeachment.

“The allegations at the center of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation strike at the core of our democracy,” the House Judiciary Committee wrote in a letter to Barr. “Congress urgently needs his full, unredacted report and its underlying evidence in order to fulfill its constitutional role, including its legislative, appropriations, and oversight responsibilities.”