Al-Jazeera is Actively Combating a Cyber Attack

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Al-Jazeera is Actively Combating a Cyber Attack

The massive, Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera is currently fighting “systematic and continual hacking attempts.” So far they’ve been able to keep the hackers at bay, and everything remains operational. This is important, as Al Jazeera is the primary broadcaster for Qatar, a nation experiencing massive political turmoil. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.A.E., Yemen, and Bahrain have all “severed ties” with the country after—as U.S. investigators believe—Russian hackers planted a fake news story on the country’s state news outlet.

Whether this is a continuation of attacks—or precursor to something worse—is unknown at this time. Regardless, the situation is worth monitoring closely as it represents one of the worst political situations to hit the Middle East in decades. Unfortunately, our own president is handling the situation like he does every other: poorly.

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