Here's Where We Stand in the Alabama Senate Race Between Doug Jones and Roy Moore With Four Days Left

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Here's Where We Stand in the Alabama Senate Race Between Doug Jones and Roy Moore With Four Days Left

With the special election looming just four days from now, the Senate race in Alabama between Democrat Doug Jones and alleged sexual predator Roy Moore is virtually neck and neck.

Just a month ago, The Washington Post released a report detailing allegations from women who claimed that Roy Moore was sexually aggressive with them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. In any moral country, these revelations would have ended Moore’s political career, and calls for him to step down and remove himself from the race were numerous. Even some Republicans joined in, which was weird, given their recent history of supporting sexual predators.

Of course, that didn’t last long. Moore has tried every idiotic trick he can think of to keep himself in the race, from partially forging a letter declaring support from Alabama pastors to saying that the last time America was great was during the time of slavery. Apparently, that was enough for some Republicans, as President Donald Trump formally announced his support of Moore, with the RNC following soon after. Now, both sides begin a frantic final week of campaigning, as the race itself appears to be almost exactly even.

FiveThirtyEight has compiled a list of polls taken since the allegations were raised against Roy Moore. Of those polls, most favor Moore to win by a narrow margin, but several have Jones ahead by similar amounts. The most recent poll they cite has the two candidates running in a dead heat. This means that the vote is anybody’s ballgame—the margin of error in these polls tends to average out to about five percent, and Moore on average is only ahead by three percent.

So bring on the last-minute rallies, the celebrity lawmakers brought in to help get out the vote. The RNC is pumping money into Moore’s campaign, while the Democrats have sent several well-known black politicians, such as Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. John Lewis, to energize the black community in Alabama. WaPo reports that some Democrats worry that Alabama’s long history of voter suppression aimed at black voters could hinder turnout. Democrats point to Jones’ record as a lawyer to appeal to black voters, as he was the man who successfully prosecuted the perpetrators of a 1963 church bombing that took the lives of four black girls.

This race could very easily go either way. If you read Paste and are eligible to vote in Alabama, we implore you to vote for Doug Jones. Do not let a man accused of sexual assaulting 14-year-old girls represent your state.

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