Baptist Pastor Calls Sarah Silverman a “God-Hating Whore of Zionism”

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Baptist Pastor Calls Sarah Silverman a “God-Hating Whore of Zionism”

Adam Fannin, Pastor at Stedfast Jacksonville Church in Florida, can be seen in a video in which he rails against comedian Sarah Silverman—in the clip he refers to her as a “God-hating whore” and openly says he hopes for her death.

Silverman tweeted out the video of Fannin’s hateful speech:

Have you heard of this comedian, Sarah Silverman?” Fannin starts off. “You guys know what I’m talking about? She brags about it! ‘I’d do it again!’ Listen, she is a witch. She is a jezebel. She is a God-hating whore of Zionism. I hope that God breaks her teeth out and she dies. She is a wicked person and she is, like, the perfect representation of religious Judaism … I pray that God would give her an untimely death, and it would be evident that it’s at the hand of God …

In the video, Fannin is referring to a 2005 comedy special from Silverman called Jesus is Magic, in which she made a joke about Jews killing Jesus.

Perhaps even more concerning is the audience reaction to Fannin—he isn’t met with anything other than what seems like quiet acceptance.

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