Steven Seagal Under Siege for Anti-Kneeling, Pro-Russia Comments on Good Morning Britain

Politics Video Steven Seagal
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Noted sexual predator Steven Seagal has submerged himself into the news cycle today after a guest spot on Good Morning Britain, in which he expressed outrage that black athletes were kneeling during the National Anthem.

The clip, which you can watch above, features noted sentient ham Piers Morgan interviewing Seagal about his stance on politics, which is an extremely odd thing for anybody to ask Steven Seagal about. Seagal begins by blaming “leftover Obama-ites” for blocking President Donald Trump (whom Seagal clearly thinks is a good man), and continues by saying it’s outrageous that black athletes are kneeling and “taking the country hostage.”

The interview also makes a point of talking about Russia’s involvement in American politics. Morgan notes that the line between patriot and foreigner might be blurred in Seagal’s case, as he made this video call from Moscow. (Seagal has gone on the record before saying he thinks Vladimir Putin is one of the great world leaders, and akin to a brother to him.) Seagal seems to think that Putin is above the law on this one, as though the Russian president making some kind of executive decision to have his shadow men influence the United States presidential election doesn’t warrant any kind of investigation by lawmen.

It’s a bad interview, and a mystifying one. Why would anyone, even Piers Morgan, think Seagal was the right person to talk to about this? Even a glimmer of intelligence is clearly out of his reach, and he looks like he’s half past dead anyway—not to mention that he finds himself on deadly ground and in dark territory with the media after this.