Trump Organization, Which "Never Settles," Settles Lawsuit with Chef Jose Andres

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Trump Organization, Which "Never Settles," Settles Lawsuit with Chef Jose Andres

President Donald Trump has said in the past that he “never settles” lawsuits.

Today, the Trump Organization (which the President’s sons still own and operate) settled a legal dispute with celebrity chef José Andrés in an undisclosed agreement.

Andrés, who hails from Mieres, Asturias, Spain, was slated to open a restaurant inside of Washington,, D.C.’s Trump International Hotel, but then backed away in 2015 after then-candidate Trump made a litany of remarks disparaging immigrants. The Trump Organization, which likes suing people almost as much as it hates settling, took issue with the chef’s move and filed suit.

That suit comes to end today with the agreement and statements from both parties that everything is as right as rain. Andrés (who essentially brought the concept of tapas to the U.S.) said, “I am pleased that we were able to resolve our differences and move forward cooperatively, as friends,” and Donald Trump, Jr. echoed those sentiments almost exactly: “I am glad that we are able to put this matter behind us and move forward as friends.”

This all comes in the same week that President Trump lightly critiqued another friend of the organization, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, for settling with his accusers in several sexual harassment cases.

It’s not clear that the legal battles were any kind of albatross for the organization’s move to expand hotel operations in the U.S., but the agreement does lessen its caseload, ever so slightly.

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