NASA Media Library Available To The Public

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NASA Media Library Available To The Public

Calling all outer space aficionados: NASA has just released a new online library of downloadable photos, videos and audio files.

In a press release from Tuesday, March 28th, NASA announced the gallery publication which consolidates media from 60 locations into one collection.

The user-friendly NASA Image and Video Library acts as a search engine that allows for key-word searches to easily filter results for specific content, dates or popularity.

“NASA Image and Video Library allows users to search, discover and download a treasure trove of more than 140,000 NASA images, videos and audio files from across the agency’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more,” NASA wrote in a statement.

The library is not intended to be a complete archive of all space imagery, but aims to provide the best of what NASA makes publicly available and join it together into a single place on the web.

Users can browse from new and historic photos alike. According to the statement, other features of the database include automatic scaling for mobile interfaces, easy public access to high resolution files and downloadable caption files for each video.

Everything in NASA’s Image and Video Library is in the public domain and available for re-use and users are invited to embed the content into their own sites.

Photo courtesy of NASA, CC0

Chamberlain Smith is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia.