5 Countries Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

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5 Countries Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Perhaps the biggest battle that humanity has had to face thus far has only just begun, and it’s already claiming lives across the world by the dozens. Although it’s already taking a toll on populations of every species, it seems that many are only just now beginning to pay attention to it as it starts to claim the lives of those who look more familiar to us.

That being the case, though, there is still a significant number of people out there who deny that it even exists in the first place, and this denial has become intertwined in the politics of many countries across the globe—an issue of exceptionally contentious debate.

What is this uphill battle, really, you might ask? Well, it’s none other than climate change, of course.

Climate change is essentially a change in either local weather or Earth’s climate. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?


If left unchecked, climate change will wreak havoc on every single one of Earth’s ecosystems, causing everything from extreme droughts and flooding, to rampant wildfires, mass extinction events and a quintessentially uninhabitable planet. With such a grim picture looming over the horizon as early as the turn of the next century, one might wonder what humanity could possibly do at this point to stop it.

Although it may seem like the U.S. has taken a turn for denial with Trump’s recent decision to pull our country out of the ground-breaking Paris Climate Agreement, there is still hope for our planet yet—a whole hell of a lot of it, in fact.

Thankfully, countless other countries across the globe have determined to put fighting climate change at the top of their agendas, and the global push-back against such a rampant beast has really only just begun.

Here are some of the countries leading the way.

Information courtesy of Climate Reality Project, Official SwedenEcoWatch, and The New York Times

Sweden; Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Germany; and China

Main photo by kansasphoto, CC BY 2.0

Natalie Wickstrom is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia.