7 Spots for Undisturbed Stargazing

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7 Spots for Undisturbed Stargazing

The term “stargazing” brings up memories of lying in the grass as a child and staring up into the sky, connecting the dots of light to create our own constellations. As our society develops and our cities spread, however, it has become increasingly harder to find a space where the vast galaxies and celestial bodies can be fully seen and appreciated.

Escaping light polluted cities may seem impossible in modern societies, but these dark sky parks and secluded reserves offer views of the cosmos that will leave anyone in awe. From Big Bend in Texas to Mount Bromo in Indonesia, these locations are a dream for anyone looking to stare up into the sky for hours and see the far reaches of our universe for themselves.

1. Atacama Desert; 2. Big Bend National Park; 3. Mt. Bromo; 4. Headlands International Dark Sky Park ; 5. Zselic Starry Sky Park; 6. Brecon Beacons National Park; 7. Westhavelland International Dark Sky Reserve

Lauren Leising is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia. She was probably dreaming of a trip to Mount Bromo while writing this.