7 Weird Weather Phenomena

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7 Weird Weather Phenomena

Most of us are familiar with the tremendous power behind a thunderstorm and its dazzling lightning displays. And most of us have taken in the beauty of freshly fallen snow or a rainbow after a storm. But few can say that they have seen fish rain from the sky or caught a glimpse of St. Elmo’s Fires flashing across a ship.

The weather on our planet can range from ordinary spring showers to swirling tornados of fire, and everything in between. Some of these phenomena are incredibly dangerous, but all of them offer a unique glimpse into the natural world.

Mammatus couds; Dust storm; Volcano lightning; St. Elmo’s Fires; Fire tornado; Raining fish; Mirage

Lauren Leising is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia. She was probably dreaming of a trip to Mount Bromo while writing this.