17 Famous (or Infamous) Soccer Club Owners

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17 Famous (or Infamous) Soccer Club Owners

Soccer has its fair share of interesting owners, ranging from the lovable… well, the likable… erm… Let’s start over.

Soccer certainly has owners. Each club has its own owner/ownership group, usually consisting of successful businesspeople capable of buying Lamborghinis with the loose currency they find in their sofas. Occasionally, however, those owners are household names. Drew Carey, for example, has famously been a part owner of the Seattle Sounders since 2007 (before the club even officially joined MLS).

There are, of course, other notable names affiliated with the beautiful game, but they might be slightly more surprising than Mr. Carey. Presented here are 17 famous (or infamous) soccer club owners, some of whom you might not know had stakes in professional soccer.