22 Footballers Who Would Make Great Additions to "Vikings"

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22 Footballers Who Would Make Great Additions to "Vikings"

Last year, The History Channel’s smash-hit “Vikings” announced the show would be holding a casting call for 8,000 extras. The producers were looking for, “Fishermen, carpenters, skilled swords people, bowmen and women, ship hands, Latin speakers, tree surgeons, and males with long hair and beards.”

Although shooting on the fourth season has since wrapped, it is likely that “Vikings” will again hold a casting call for potential background talent later this year… and when it comes to individuals who seem tailor-made to portray Scandinavian warriors, soccer has got you covered. Beards. Tattoos. Long braids. Mohawks. Angry faces. Shaved heads. Modern footballers, it seems, have got the Viking-style down.

With that in mind, here are 22 professional soccer players (male and female) that could fit right in should the opportunity arise. Also included are a few shots of the main cast, in order to give you a better idea of the aesthetic the producers are seeking. Good luck figuring out which one is Ragnar Lothbrok and which one is Roy Keane.