Girls' Soccer Game Was Abandoned After Fans Chanted Trump-Inspired Abuse

Soccer News
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So this is pretty awful.

Last week a game between the girls soccer teams from Elkhorn and Beloit high schools in Wisconsin was abandoned after racist abuse referencing Donald Trump was chanted in the direction of Latina players.

A group of young people in the Elkhorn section— who may have been elementary school students— is said to have chanted “Donald Trump! Build That Wall!” at Beloit players, several of whom were Latina.

A statement from the Elkhorn school district detailed what they knew about the incident and said an inquiry was underway.

Haide Reyes, mother of one of the Beloit players, said her daughter came home from the game emotionally distraught.

Beloit head coach expressed bewilderment at the chants and said he and other members of the coaching staff consoled players after the game.

Cecilia Ramirez, coordinator for the Latino Service Providers Coalition in Beloit, summed up what most of us think about the incident: “I feel like this should not be happening. I mean, it’s 2016.”