The 20 Best Tweets on Arsenal's Barca Encounter

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The 20 Best Tweets on Arsenal's Barca Encounter

In the end, Barcelona did not disappoint. Sorta.

With the whole world watching and expecting a total evisceration of Arsenal Football Club by Futbol Club Barcelona, the visiting Catalan team decided instead to wait around for 70 minutes before applying the killing blow. With the right bit of squinting, that 70 minutes might even look like Arsenal being the better team—though that requires discounting that whole “possession” thing, and let’s not get carried away.

What we can say is that people were surprised it took that long before some combination of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar unlocked the Gunners’ defense and made Barca’s advantage in talent and style count. People were surprised it took so long to put Arsenal out their misery.

Arsenal’s decent enough showing—before a devastating counter and Mathieu Flamini happened, anyway—made for a fun time on Twitter, where the (English-speaking) soccer world tried to process events at The Emirates through the usual combination of silliness and snark.

As usual, we’ve collected some of the best Twitter had to offer, mostly because we enjoy silliness and snark applied to football. We hope you’ll enjoy them, too.